Programmable Attenuator Units

Weinschel’s 8310 and 8311Series Programmable Attenuator Units represent a new concept in programmable attenuation for bench test and subsystem applications. Multiple programmable attenuators can be used inconjuction with other coaxial devices such as switches, power combiners, directional couplers, and filters creating single or multichannel subsystems.

  • Provides a flexible, easy to program, low cost solution for your bench test/calibration setups and subsystem applications.
  • Multi-Channel attenuation paths (up to 4 input/outputs for 8310 & up to 6 input/outputs for 8311)
  • Wide choice of Frequency & Attenuation Ranges.
    - DC to 1, 2, 3, 6 & 18 GHz
    - NEW DC to 6 GHz Models
    - up to 127 dB
    - Solid-State (GaAs FET *& PIN)
    - Relay Switched
  • Designed to interface with industry standard communication interfaces:
    - GPIB/IEEE-488 (HS-488 ready)
    - RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
    - New Models with Ethernet Control (10 BaseT)

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