Privacy Policy

This policy applies to Indumetric AB corporate identity number 556977-6338 including following companies:

Amtele Communication AB 556243-3804

Amtele Engineering AB 559100-5599

Kimo Instrument Sverige AB 556663-3169


Protection for our customers' privacy is important to us. Therefore, we would like to inform you of an important and positive change about how we will handle your personal information.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new EU regulation that will begin throughout the EU on May 25, 2018. GDPR replaces the Swedish Personal Data Act.

The information we have in our systems today is used for the following purposes.

1. Marketing: For mailing newsletters, information about trade shows and other events.

2. Customer history: Information about purchase orders with company name and personal data is
     saved for purpose only as order history.

3. Purchasing history: Information about our suppliers with personal data.


Why are you in our register?

You are in our records because you are or have been in contact with us either by placing orders, delivering goods and services to us, asking for quotation, interacting with our websites or contacting us via other channels. By staying in our registers (ie, if you do not unsubscribe) you allow us to send information such as newsletters and customer surveys to you.

If you ordered goods from us

Together with information about the products you ordered, we also save information about clients including person name, phone number and any e-mail address. These data are saved for at least 7 years. If you do not notify us of the deletion of personal data on these orders, you will allow us to save this information.

The data will only be processed by us within the company. However, unidentified data, which can not be traced to an individual contact, may be stored in our system due to order history.

No personal information is disclosed to third parties. Exceptions to this are in the case of customer orders where some US supplier products require this, due to US export legislation.

You have the right, under Section §26 of the Personal Data Act (1998: 204), to be informed, free of charge, once a calendar year, after a written application has been submitted to us, about your saved  personal data and how we treat them. You also have the right to request a correction in accordance with section §28 of the Personal Data Act regarding personal data that we are processing about you.

If we do not hear from you, we will see this as an agreement for us to save your personal information on our systems. You can contact us at any time by email or letter, as below, and request a cancellation from our data base.

The responsibility for handling personal data lies with the personal data manager appointed by the board of the respective companies.


CEO Stefan Bengtsson