Tee:s, OMT:s

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Tomi Kivilahti

Työskentelen myynti-insinöörinä komponenttien ja mittalaitteden parissa kattaen DC-500GHz taajuusalueen, Suomen ja Baltian asiakkaita palvellen. Minut tavoittaa myyntikonttoristamme Vantaalta.

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Tee:s, OMT:s

Tee:s, OMT:s

Wide range of waveguide OMT:s and a comprehensive range of Tees including matched Hybrids and E and H plane Tees

OMT’s offer the high performance demanded by today’s communication systems, in which high polarization purity and high isolation are paramount.

  • Isolation > 50 dB
  • Models up to 140 GHz
  • Broad & Narrow Band Options
  • High Polarization Purity 50 dB (typical)
  • Circular or Square Guide Interface Options


Matched Hybrid Tees have been designed to provide very high quality performance in terms of isolation, VSWR and bandwidth, in frequency bands up to 330 GHz.

Our range of un-matched Hybrid Tees are waveguide sections accurately machined and assembled to form  a conventional hybrid tee junction.

The E plane and H plane matched tees are constructed from precision machined sections accurately assembled to form the completed component.