Pressure Windows, Flanges

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Työskentelen myynti-insinöörinä komponenttien ja mittalaitteden parissa kattaen DC-500GHz taajuusalueen, Suomen ja Baltian asiakkaita palvellen. Minut tavoittaa myyntikonttoristamme Vantaalta.

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Pressure Windows, Flanges

Pressure Windows, Flanges

Waveguide pressure windows in a variety of power levels, pressure requirements, flange configurations, and materials. Most waveguide flanges from WG6 to WG32.

All pressure windows are mode-free, low VSWR devices which have proven their reliability in many systems. Windows can be supplied grooved or flat, with clear or tapped holes, in either aluminum or brass, in a variety of thicknesses and configurations. Customized flanges for bulkhead or other applications are also available. All pressure windows are high quality, robust products with excellent electrical performance, and can withstand the most extreme environmental conditions.

  • WR-22 to WR 650
  • Aluminum or Brass
  • Quartz, Ceramic, Mylar or Kapton
  • Up to 50 psi
  • 1.05 to 1.10 VSWR
  • Standard or custom flange configurations


Waveguide flanges of most types covering WR650 to WR3. Variety of materials. Flange fixing hardware like, nuts, bolts, gaskets, shims, etc , is also available. Special flanges to customers requitement is also available.