Fixed and Variable Attenuators

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Työskentelen myynti-insinöörinä komponenttien ja mittalaitteden parissa kattaen DC-500GHz taajuusalueen, Suomen ja Baltian asiakkaita palvellen. Minut tavoittaa myyntikonttoristamme Vantaalta.

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Fixed and Variable Attenuators

Fixed and Variable Attenuators

Broad portfolio of both fixed, variable and programmable attenuators that cover a wide range of applications and waveguide bands.

Market leading attenuators spanning frequency band 2.6 - 500GHz. Fixed units with attenuation up to 60dB. Precision and field variable attenuators to 60dB. Programmable attenuators with GPIB controllers and Ethernet control.
Many models with 2-3 weeks delivery.



Broadband PIN Diode attenuators covers the waveguide bands from 18 to 110 GHz. Full waveguide band coverage is available up to 60 GHz. Standard attenuation values range from 30 dB up to 50 GHz to 15 dB at 100 GHz. Options for alternate attenuation values can be offered with low loss versions and isolation levels up to 40 dB.