Directional Couplers, Power Dividers/Combiners, Hybrids

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Tomi Kivilahti

Työskentelen myynti-insinöörinä komponenttien ja mittalaitteden parissa kattaen DC-500GHz taajuusalueen, Suomen ja Baltian asiakkaita palvellen. Minut tavoittaa myyntikonttoristamme Vantaalta.

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Directional Couplers, Power Dividers/Combiners, Hybrids

Directional Couplers, Power Dividers/Combiners, Hybrids

Broad range of narrow band and full band directional couplers and power dividers/combiners covering frequencies up to 67GHz. Low and high power including low PIM components.

Directional Couplers designed for systems applications where external leveling, precise monitoring, signal mixing or swept transmission and reflection measurements are required. These couplers provide simple solutions for many applications including electronic warfare (EW), commercial wireless, SATCOM, radar, signal monitoring and measurement, antenna beam forming, and EMC testing environments as well as for Telecom indoor and outdoor applications were low PIM and good power handling is essential.

With our power dividers/combiners and hybrids we offer from narrow band to widest frequency coverage in a single package and providing superior performance. Targeting broadband electronic warfare (EW) systems and complex switch-matrix applications, telecom and wireless applications. Perfect for lab, test, system and 
production. Power handling from low 0.5 watt to high power 600 watt.