Bias-Tee, DC-Block, Open/Short

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Työskentelen myynti-insinöörinä komponenttien ja mittalaitteden parissa kattaen DC-500GHz taajuusalueen, Suomen ja Baltian asiakkaita palvellen. Minut tavoittaa myyntikonttoristamme Vantaalta.

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Bias-Tee, DC-Block, Open/Short

Bias-Tee, DC-Block, Open/Short

From narrow band to fullband with many connector configurations. Capability up to 65GHz.

Bias Tees in frequencies up to 65 GHz with multiple connector configurations.

DC Blocks Available in Inner Only, Outer Only and Inner/Outer designs with various frequency ranges and voltage ratings.

Choose from many Opens and Shorts: SMA, Type N, 7/16 DIN, and Type F models. Perfect for test and measurement applications.